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Betlem Residential's Professional Duct Cleaning Services

The cleaner your air ducts and air vents, the cleaner your air.

Dirty air ducts only re-circulate dirt, dust and allergens throughout your home – let our experienced pros make sure that doesn’t happen in your home.

Betlem Residential Heating and Air Conditioning offers several dependable, energy-efficient air duct cleaning and air vent cleaning solutions:

Air Duct CleaningDuct Cleaning Service - Before & After Image

Our technicians use an efficient compressed-air technique to dislodge dirt and contaminants. Then a 99%-efficient, high-powered vacuum is used to remove the dirt and return ultra-clean air back into your home.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that lint build-up makes your dryer work harder and hotter – causing your dryer vent to overheat and maybe even catch fire? Not good…we can help.

Bathroom Exhaust Vent Cleaning

Dirty fans and blades directly affect airflow and suction – bathroom moisture can cause mildew problems. We have the tools and techniques to keep all that ductwork clear, safe and efficient.

















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